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Already in prehistory we find examples of activities of this kind.

But in the thirteenth century during the Gothic period it is when you begin to decorate with paint parts intended to crockery.

Pottery is the art of making pots or other objects of clay or other ceramic material by heat, that is cooked at a temperature of 400 or 500 degrees.

Earth, water and fire are the basic materials with which a piece of pottery is made.

The process begins with the mixing of clay, the next step is manual molding, in this part of the process water is added, so that the clay retains its plasticity and no cracks arise.

After the piece is left outdoors to dry it, in a practice known as “Leather state” phase. When the piece is completely dry, it becomes harder and lighter in color.

The potter can then sand the piece to leave neater.

Finally the piece of pottery is taken to the furnace, where it acquires greater strength and chemical loses its moisture.