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It’s called Bohemian crystal glass made in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia (Czech Republic and Poland) which went into production in the late thirteenth century. cutter Caspar Lehmann in Prague adopted técnia of unglazed and record that mixes copper and bronze with glass, a technique as “Tiefschnit” “Gash”.

His specialty is the sum transparency of glass imitating rock crystal and grated or deep and perfect carving that in hollow or relief applies to the best pieces.

With the advent of Art Nouveau and Art deco love is renewed by the glass and his fame reaches the whole world.

The Bohemian crystal handmade passes during manufacture by four steps -preparation of matter-casting and glassblowing and cooling-

Bohemian crystal is created crystallizing minerals.

In short, the glass is characterized by its extreme transparency, and free materials insuperable gray or yellow glow. It is also made entirely by hand in all phases of the process, including blow molding and carving.